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About US

About US

Event Committee Team

Get to know the amazing forces behind this special event. They’re passionate about equipping and empowering business owners and freelancers for success. You can connect with them before the event to get tips, advice, and resources that will help you reach your business development milestones.

Jalen Vasquez

Community Manager and Events Coordinator

Jalen has been working at the Freelancers Union for over three years. He is also a creative design expert. He is thrilled to be part of the event committee for this event and is looking forward to helping freelancers connect with business owners.

Miriam Colon

Acting Director

Miriam is a serial entrepreneur and acting director of the Brooklyn Small Business Development Center. She loves helping business owners fund and grow their business and cannot wait to meet everyone at the event.

Roxana Colorado

International Business Strategist

Roxana Colorado is an international business strategist and philanthropist dedicated to developing changemakers and building a future that delivers inclusion, sustainability, and growth. Roxana has lived in 7 countries and leverages her international corporate and nonprofit experience to develop programs, policies, and activities that improve the economic well-being and quality of life for a community. In addition, Roxana has worked as a workshop facilitator, mentor, community leader, and counselor for national organizations including Score, Freelancers Union, and most recently the Small Business Development Center (a government-funded organization dedicated to supporting small businesses in the United States).

Marley Spooner

Senior Director of Marketing

Marley works with Start Small Think Big and is an experienced sales and marketing communications professional with a proven record of accomplishment of delivering results, driving customer success, and supporting revenue growth for corporations and nonprofit organizations serving the education sector. Adept at developing and implementing strategies for branding, product marketing, lead and revenue generation and market growth. Knowledgeable about how to optimize and use marketing tools and systems to track impact, optimize SEO and analytics to customize the customer experience and a keen understanding of how to use CRM and customer analytics to support growth goals. Skilled communicator with a passion for cross-functional collaboration and inclusive company culture.